I cannot get my code to work?

There are times when entering a code, that an error message may be received.  When processing through a code, a few items to keep in mind:

  • Please go to the weblink or URL and clear the cookies as this may create a concern for the code to load correctly.  This will refresh the site and clears any prior attempts made to process the code.
  • Please review your code to ensure that zeros are being used if a number is present in the code.  So for example, if the code has the number "10" in it, please use the number.  If it has the letter "O" in it (for example "WELCOME"), please use the letter.
  • If copying the code over, please ensure there are no spaces before the code or following the code.  This will create an error for the code to read correctly.
  • The system is set up so only one code can be applied to an order.  If attempting to add an additional code with a current sale or another discount code, it will not acknowledge the code.

If the steps above prove ineffective and the code is still not processing, please reach out to Customer Experience, and they are happy to assist!  Thank you.


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