What grade of leather is used for your wallets?

We wanted to use the best leather available to the industry.  After searching throughout the US and surrounding countries, we found a manufacturer in India that was able to provide the wallets to the specifications that we require.  When creating the wallets, we use the best quality leather offered - full grain leather.  Many people question what is the best leather out there?  They assume that genuine leather is the top leather due to the name; however, this gives a false impression.  To explain further, you will find a breakdown of the different grades of leather, starting with the best of the best and working down. Each grade is used throughout the wallet and leather industry, providing its own advantages; however, we use full grain leather only.  Full grain leather is top-of-the-grade, being pulled from the highest quality of the hide.  This leather is not as processed and provides the full grain of the hide, giving the ability to soak up oils and moisture which adds to the rich aged appearance (or patina) you see with top quality leathers.  This leather includes any markings that are presently on the hide, maintaining a natural look.  As time goes, the leather will create a beautiful luster on the exterior of the wallet.  The older it gets, the better it looks.

Although we do not use any lower grade of leather than full grain leather, the next grade of leather is top-grain leather.  You will find it is processed more, whether buffing or through the adding of pigments, this leather creates a more even look along with a more glossy finish.  Because the leather has been processed, it does not take in the oils or moisture and lessens the opportunity for the rich aged appearance.

After top-grain leather, you will find split and genuine leathers.  Both of these leathers are pulled from the bottom of the hide and will not show any blemishes or scarring that might occur in the leather.  A more popular split-grain leather - suede.  This can be used to make many items that are worn today.  This leather is normally used for clothing or shoes due to its easy flexibility and softness.

Next on the list, you will find genuine leather.  Although many believe that this leather is at the top of the ranks, it is actually considered low-quality leather.  Because it is pulled from the very bottom of the cut, it has been processed completely and the original grain is no longer part of the leather.  It does not provide the aged rich appearance as some of the higher quality leathers do.

The last of the leather grades out there is bonded leather.  This is a combination of various pieces of the leather process (leather dust, pieces, glue, etc.) that is sealed together through a complicated process.  Generally, this leather will wear down quickly.

When looking for the best type of leather out there, look no further than Weber's Premier Leather.  You won't be disappointed.  Thank you again and please let Customer Experience know if you have any additional questions.  They are happy to assist.  Thank you.


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