What process is used to make your wallets?

There are many varieties of wallets available in the hard goods and apparel world.  Because of this, we reached out to the top manufacturers and reviewed our specifications needed to create the quality wallets you see today with Weber's Premier Leather.  They utilize a few different processes (including tanning and dyeing) to create and design our current wallets as well as the upcoming line for 2021.  We guarantee that each process used is the best process to uphold the quality and integrity of the wallet as well as to maintain the color and natural grain for that particular leather.  Depending on the wallet, will determine what tanning process is completed.

After the processes are complete, we look for the following results with all of our wallets:

1. Is the leather soft and pliable
2. Is the wallet colorfast, providing rich color, and fade resistant
3. Does the wallet uphold through wear and tear

We guarantee the use of full grain leather to make our premier wallets.  Whether it be burnished, embossed with concho, or debossed with prints, we are providing quality leather wallets that are perfect for any collection or gift.  Ensure to check out our lineup for the 2021 season.  If you have any questions regarding the wallets shown, please contact our Customer Experience Team, and they are happy to help.  Thank you.


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